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Doc Phineas

The Steampunk Guild seeks to honors the fine artistry of craftsmanship, the literary genre, elegant whimsical attire, amazing inventions and everything that is Steampunk.

Founded by Dr. Phineas T. Kastle, Professor Emeritus, Airship Captain, and Explorer, We strive for the preservation, education and support of our Community.

We invite anyone who enjoys literature, art and creating steamy fashion or accessories to join us. Let us cheer you on as your teapot racer crosses the finish line or enjoy a “cuppa” the finest Tea and see whose cookie really does crumble in a rousing Tea Duel.

Our members are interested in paranormal occult theosophical inquiries, time travel and a range of adventures of all kinds. We are, rest assured, at the ready should things get a bit dodgy providing for the need of a trusty walking stick or parasol, in self-defense of course! you enjoy music, entertainment, conventions and events? We do! Our favorite times are when our fellow airship balloon enthusiasts, time travelers, wielders of wand and proper ladies and gents join the Guild for Fun, Friendship, and Camaraderie.

We are here to give love, understanding, support and applause!

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