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Doc Phineas

Our History

The Steampunk Guild was founded in 2005 to advance the Steampunk Culture. Our first meeting was in Paris in Republique and Doc Phineas was declared president and asked to spread Steampunk Style, Philosophy and Literature.

Supporting the creation of Steampunk Guilds around the world, Doc provided a resource person. Contacting KW Jeter and numerous others in the literary, creation and convention production areas, he gave help in any way he could.

In 2006 we had our first meeting of the Steampunk Guild of Nevada and California. We had weekly and monthly meetings where we discussed garb history, style ideas, Making 101, Victorian history, self-defense for Walking Sticks and Parasols, and Steampunk paranormal studies. Doc primarily focused on groups at UNLV, but all of us were involved and attended various Renaissance Faires, Edwardian Festivals and Steampunk Cons.

Eventually festivals such as Wild Wild West, Gaslight, Clockwork Alchemy, Steampunk Worlds Fair, Steamposium, Steamathon, and Teslacon came into being and provided even more enjoyment.

The Steampunk Guild is here to support and educate. We are a community and enjoy helping our fellow travelers with fashion help, creative ideas and just plain fun and comradery.

Won’t you join us?

Email us at we would love to hear from you.

Reading with Doc
Doc Phineas T. Kastle – Founder & President

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